Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yet Another Reason I'd Love to Live in NYC

I love it when my interests in dapper dressing and lindy hop coincide.

I read this post from the Fine and Dandy Blog and found a link to Wit’s End in NYC. Wit’s End is "a monthly celebration of the Jazz Age" at Flute Bar, a former speakeasy. It’s a cocktail bar and live music/dance venue with a strict dress code (ruffians in casual attire will be denied admission). As the name and theme suggest, they encourage 20s, 30s and 40s era attire. How refreshing! Now, you might think that such a strict dress code would feel... well, restrictive, but I think that these constraints foster creativity and inspiration.

I’ll definitely have to check out this venue someday, as if I needed another excuse to visit New York again. Let’s not forget the Governor’s Island Jazz Age Dance Party every summer. There are some beautiful photos linked here. (Scroll midway down the page or search for instances of “Governor’s” ). Here’s one:


I’m pretty sure that’s Michael Arenella, leader of the band. Photo by The Sartorialist

I fell in love with New York City after spending a week dancing and exploring the city during the Frankie Manning’s 95th Birthday Celebration. There was a formal night; I wore a tuxedo and tied my own bow tie for the first time, beginning my moderately unhealthy obsession with vintage bow ties. (Thanks a lot, Victor)!


At Frankie 95 with Rita and Andy. They’ve both got great style (and taste in food).

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