Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ninjammerz at the Montreal International Jazz Festival

This video is blowing my mind.

It’s a video of Max, Annie, and Thomas of the Ninjammerz plus Natasha performing at the Montreal International Jazz Festival with the band Caravan Palace for tens of thousands of people.

I’m not at all familiar with Caravan Palace, but I’m intrigued. (Think of a cross between Django Reinhardt and Daft Punk, complete with gypsy jazz instruments and turntables).

The choreography is entertaining and hits all the right breaks, highlighted by well-timed lighting effects. My favorite part is when Thomas and Max “scribble” a break after sailor walks. Hilarious.

I'm so excited that such a huge audience was able to enjoy a fun Lindy Hop performance.  (Could you imagine this at ILHC? How would people respond?)

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  1. Max is a anomaly. I'm pretty sure he was sent here in a rocket as a child from planet Awesome